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Lucy, Guyana

Being mixed race, I was lucky enough to experience two cultures and grow up in a house where both my Guyanese and English heritage was always embraced...

Lucy wearing a Guyana Power Fist T-Shirt with a Green Fist
Lucy wearing a Guyana Power Fist T-Shirt with a Green Fist

Curtis, St Lucia

I was born in St. Lucia and came to the UK at age 2 in 1960 where we first lived in Liverpool. I've only ever been back to St. Lucia once and was shocked but proud to have this strong feeling of belonging

Sam, Ghana

Having to go into a stressful hospital every day, you need to have bravery and courage to look after people... and you can't forget about looking after yourself especially.

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Power Fist T-Shirt

Jamaica Akatsuki T-Shirt, Akatsuki Headband and MNI Akatsuki Shorts

Heart T-Shirt