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Sam - Personalised Ghana

Sam - Personalised Ghana

This #SpotlightSunday features our close friend Sam who was thrown into the deep end in 2020 as a FY1 Doctor!

Pictured in his personalised double-sided Ghana Hoodie. Read about his experiences below:

Sam printed personalised Ghana White Fist

"This year has solidified the importance of communication, courage and community

Having to go into a stressful hospital every day, you need to have bravery and courage to look after people. But you need to communicate with so many other professionals to facilitate quality care. And you can't forget about looking after yourself especially. Having a good network of friends and family, a solid community network is absolutely vital in easing the stresses of working life"

We're looking forward to seeing you thrive more in 2021 and beyond!

Any other customers have stories they want to share? We'd love to hear them so DM us!

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