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Lucy - Guyana

Lucy - Guyana

Today's #SpotlightSunday features Lucy who stepped out in a personalised Guyana Green Fist embroidered Tee!

Lucy Embroidered Guyana Black Fist Tee

"Being mixed race, I was lucky enough to experience two cultures and grow up in a house where both my Guyanese and English heritage was always embraced. From my family gatherings to the food I eat and even Carnival trips, I was always taught to be proud of who I am because culture is what makes you you - my personalised Guyanese flag t-shirt from Tees Caribbean is another way of representing who I am.

I think that if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that health is wealth, family is everything and that black culture is beautiful, and will proudly shine through who I am"

🥺 Beautiful. Huge thank you for sharing! 💜

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