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Kaylee Golding, Jamaica and England

Kaylee Golding, Jamaica and England

This Spotlight Sunday features Radio Personality and Cultural Enthusiast - Your Favourite Gyal From Brum, Kaylee Golding!


Tell us about your background and heritage. How did your Jamaican and English roots shape your identity and experiences?
I am half English and half Jamaican. It’s so beautiful to be part of 2 different cultures because I get to indulge and learn about 2 cultural worlds. I really fell in love with Jamaican culture the more I learnt about my identity. The music, the food, and just the community feel is beautiful.

Growing up with such diverse cultural backgrounds, what were some of the traditions or customs that stood out to you the most?
I think the biggest difference for me was Sunday dinners. A lot of my English friends around would have a traditional Sunday roast. But when they would come to my house they would see a proper infusion of a traditional roast but also Caribbean food too. The Mac and cheese, rice, curry mutton, but also the veg and Yorkshire pudding.

How has your heritage influenced your career as a radio personality? Are there specific aspects of your background that you like to incorporate into your shows?
My show always reflects me and my home life. Whether this be talking about going to carnivals, or family traditions. It’s like talking to your friends about your life! I definitely love to celebrate Jamaican music in my mixes on the show, I love to play dancehall and reggae music. Those genres really just make me feel so good!

Can you share some stories or memories from your family that highlight the blending of Jamaican and English cultures?
I think it’s definitely all about family parties! We go from old school reggae, to dancehall, to Brit-pop classics!

Jamaica and England have distinct cuisines. Are there any favorite dishes or recipes from each culture that you enjoy or have adapted in your own way?
Omg I just love Saturday soup! It’s the best ever! I know it’s meant for a Saturday but I will happily have it any day of the week!

Many people today embrace their diverse backgrounds and proudly share their cultural heritage. What advice would you give to others who are exploring their own dual heritage and are looking for ways to express it?
I think you should definitely do things to explore your culture. I come from a single-parent background, and my Jamaican father wasn’t present. So I had to get out there to learn more about my culture. I made an effort to learn about the food, the music, and traditions. I feel so blessed to be able to take things from both my British and Jamaican heritage, and celebrate the parts I align with!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Kaylee! If you want to get involved then email

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