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The Olympic x NBA Tommie Collection

Merging the forward-thinking NBA logo with the iconic image of Tommie Smith for a one-of-a-kind design.

Tommie Smith & John Carlos peacefully protested against racial injustice and in support of human rights movements after winning the Men's 200m race at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. This caused both men, including ally Norman Smith, to be ostracised, removed from the IOC or black-listed from future Athletic events.

"As the athletes waited to go to the podium, Carlos and Smith told Norman that they planned to use their win as an opportunity to protest. Smith and Carlos decided to appear on the podium bearing symbols of protest and strength: black-socked feet without shoes to bring attention to Black poverty, beads to protest lynchings, and raised, black-gloved fists to represent their solidarity and support with Black people and oppressed people around the world." - (History)

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