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Sharron & Morrison - Dominica & St Lucia

Sharron & Morrison - Dominica & St Lucia

Today's #SpotlightSunday is from Sharron in her Red Hoodie!

See her pictured below alongside husband Morrison in our Dominica Black Fist & St. Lucia Black Fist designs with large back embroidery! Read her story:

Black Fist Dominica, Black Fist St Lucia

Dominica holds a special place in my heart. I came from very proud Dominican parents, therefore, I was born representing Dominica, hence why I wanted one of your hoodies. When I think of this country I am overwhelmed with great memories of time spent with the extended family and friends, sharing stories, laughter and good food. Dominica provides an abundance of natural resources, flora and nature. When the world was catapulted into the pandemic last year I was unable to take my family yearly trip back to Dominica. It felt so strange not to be in that environment where the cockerel would wake you up every morning and the sound of the cricket's when the sun was setting.

2020 to date has definitely made me realise I should be grateful for every day. Knowing in my mind and heart that I have been given yet another clean canvas to paint my life experiences. I am totally grateful for life, health, family and true friendship. This may seem strange to many, but I saw 2020 as an opportunity to really get to know my family all over again. As my husband is as equally proud as I, to be St. Lucian, this was a perfect gift for a milestone birthday to show where his heart lies.

We look forward to returning to the Caribbean, sitting on our veranda, absorbing all of mother nature's beauty across the two islands.

Thank you for sharing and thanks for your support! 💜 This has brought back memories of the sounds of the Caribbean.  🥰

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You represent your respective countries very well.

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