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Tasha - Antigua

Tasha - Antigua

Our #SpotlightSunday segment aims to highlight the best thing about the Caribbean - the people!

This week features Tasha in our Black on Black Antigua Embroidered Hoodie!

Spotlight Sunday Tasha in Black on Black Fist Embroidered Antigua Design

"Antigua has a very special place in my heart.  Growing up we would spend 2 months there every year, which allowed me to build close relationships, explore and come to know the island and learn about the food and culture for myself.

My mother grew up in Liberta, also known as Village. Liberta is beautiful, visually but also historically; it was the first village in Antigua that ex-slaves could buy land. There is something special about being there, a sense of liberation, a spirit of determination; I see it in my mum and in so many that live there.

My father grew up in Jonas near All Saints. This was my definition of 'village' so beautiful and green; but with that rural living meant having to fetch water, do chores every day to maintain the house and frequent blackouts.

I love Antiguan food; saltfish and Ducana,  Pepperpot, BBQ jerk chicken and pork, season rice, potato dumpling, goat water, rum cake and sugar cake. Not to mention many great bakers I know come from this amazing island.

I'm sure you've already heard Antigua has 365 beaches. One beach for every day of the year. I have loved spending time exploring Antigua, my favourite three beaches are Galleon Bay, Rendezvous and Pigeon Point.

I have taken on so many adventures in Antigua from swimming with stingrays, sailing, snorkelling and zip-lining. Not to mention the night clubs, strip clubs, boat parties, Lions raves, and yearly Carnival including J'ouvert.

The pandemic halted plans of my return to the island. To say I miss it is an understatement. However, I am happy to know that Antiguans are not suffering the losses of many other countries.

I look forward to returning to the island of sun sea and sand, so well represented in the flag."

Thank you for sharing your story! 💜

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