My sport-related designs - each with a special meaning.

There were a lot of calls for sports brands to invest in deprived and underdeveloped communities as companies unfairly profit off the likeness of the culture and our bodies.

The NBA is 74% Black. The NFL is 69% Black. But we've all heard the stories of struggle, homelessness, violence etc from athletes during their come-up.

In 2020, Nike, Inc. committed to investing $40 million over 4 years to support the Black community in the U.S. The Jordan Brand committed $100 million over 10 years to fight systematic racism.

I'm interested in seeing how these committed funds and reforms help our community. In the meantime, a percentage of proceeds from these sales will be donated to grassroots organisations. Drop a note in the order box if you have specific organisations in mind!

Personalisations Available:

  • JumpFist: The type of design, the text message & flag/colours behind the Jump Fist
  • Tommie Smith/Olympic: The name badge and frame that Tommie Smith holds
  • Laurie Cunningham: The location of the print. Lifestyle or Sport alternative.