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Shemalah, Jamaica

Shemalah, Jamaica

Shemalah, Jamaica Island, S & 876 Jamaica Area Code Back Embroidery

Shemalah in Black Premium Hoodie with the Jamaica - S Embroidery 

 Shemalah in Black Premium Hoodie with the 876 Jamaica Dial Code Embroidery

I met today's Spotlight Sunday at Reggae Land, and this was her unique creation! Discover more about her journey below.

Can you share a bit of background about yourself?
I was born in the UK and both my parents are Jamaican and came to the UK at young age. From late Saturday night into Sunday morning listening to old school reggae and the smell of Sunday dinner being prepared at a young age, to having to remind your culture in teenage years. I wasn't necessarily raised by my parents or around my culture too much at a younger ages so I feel like secondary school was the years that most people grow into their roots and culture while I was finally trying to find mine and regrow it. As I started to get older I started to embrace my culture and learn more about it.

What made you choose The Dial Code Collection?
I must have seen the Trinidad and Tobago one on your page and was like Yep. 876 repping Jamaica is going to look baad. I always represent my country whether it be a necklace or earrings but this time round I said go big or go home to make it more obvious.🤭🤭🤭

Describe the feeling you get when you wear the design.
When I finally got the hoodie In person I was soo gassed and hyped. When I see and where my hoodie representing Jamaica and every time I wear it I get comments and the nod of acknowledgement.

What other type of design would you like to see or get customised?
I like simplistic design but I'm also know for like bold colours. I'm like the jigsaw design that's I've seen and I like representing and support other countries that have also helped me grow and embrace their culture aswell.

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