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Candice, Barbados

Candice, Barbados

I was born in London and so were my parents but my grandparents came from Barbados.


Candice at the airport in the Barbados Akatsuki Cloud on a premium hoodie.


In today's Spotlight Sunday, I talked to Candice! An American Football player and 2022 National Champion with the, London Warriors Women.

Can you share a bit of background about yourself?
I was born in London and so were my parents but my grandparents came from Barbados. So being and living at their house while growing up was my upbringing tying me to the island, including being around other family members who also came down with them. 

What made you choose The Akatsuki Collection?
Naruto is all about family and friends and my flag represents that too, plus I loved the look of a similar design you advertised and had to get one!

Describe the feeling you get when you wear the design.
Pure Comfort - I wear it when I want to be at my most comfy. To and from football games, practise, I have another set just to practise in, for long journeys. Chilling around the house, going to the shops, honestly it's my go too, so funny because I brought 2 sets from my trip I'm currently on and I'm wearing my one while typing this. Even in the snow with a cancelled flight, I'm happy and warm.

What got you into anime?
My brother and my love for cartoons anyways made it an easy transition

Can you pick your favourite anime of all time?
Nope. Can't pick my favourite anime sorry, not trying to make your interview a Harry potter-sized chunk (as you can see because I had to do this in more than one message 🤣 

What other Caribbean x Anime combinations do you want to see?
My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Avatar the Last Airbender

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