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Linley in a Pink Hoodie with Tee's Caribbean Jamaican Akatsuki Cloud Embroidered Design

Linley, Jamaican Akatsuki Cloud Design

Hi, my name is Linley. I'm 6'4 [Large Hoodie] and a huge anime fan!

Linley Selfie in Jamaican Akatsuki Cloud Design Pink Hoodie


What made you choose this design/collection?
I chose this design as I loved the whole (Naruto) Akatsuki/Caribbean mash-up design with the ninja headband on the arm.

What do you feel wearing your design?
My grandparents are from Jamaica so I feel pride wearing this, feeling like I'm representing Jamaica and also representing the anime fandom as well with this awesome mix.

What got you into anime?
My friends got me into anime one day, just started watching One Piece and I was hooked. Anime/Manga's have such a variety and really caters to all genres. Stories can be told in such a way, that your usual dramas miss. More and more people are opening up about their hobbies and shows they like to watch and read in the manga/anime culture which I think is wonderful!

Can you pick your favourite anime of all time?
I can't really pick a favourite anime atm but I can leave a few recommendations if you like adventure and storytelling, you have One Piece (Barring the 1000+ episodes scare) it's a great journey. If you want something a bit deeper and ninjas you have Naruto!

What other Caribbean x Anime combinations do you want to see?
I'd love to see a Solo leveling x Caribbean mix Jumper or Tee. Not many people know of this anime yet but it's coming out next year very soon! And the mix for that or Chainsaw man would be epic!

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