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What is your Identitee?

Choose your demonym's then finish your personalisation with a name or your favourite phrase on the front!

demonym or gentilic is a word that identifies a group of people (inhabitants, residents, natives) concerning a particular place. Demonyms usually derive from the name of the place and feature their own colloquialism.

Personalisation Available:

  • Front: Name or Phrase
  • Back: Demonym's and Box Placement

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    Delivery times may vary due to customisation and location. If you are unsure or need anything sooner, then please get in touch directly.

    • 4 - 8 business days - Print Designs
    • 7 - 14 days - Repeat/Digitized Embroidered Designs
    • 7 - 21 days - New/Custom Embroidered Designs
    • 14 - 28 days - All Over Print

    The prices shown are for a standard 4 x 4-inch embroidery area for digitised designs apart from special collection designs. Higher stitch count designs will cost more.

    For quality control of custom embroidered designs, it is recommended, but not essential, to get a sample first - but this will be at your cost.

    1. Buy on the website & add your details in the custom box
    2. For paid orders, I will reply within 2 business days with a custom mockup or to find out more
    3. Any additional charges will be mentioned and sent in an invoice
    4. Once paid, custom production will start



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