The Lost City Keyrings Pre-Order
The Lost City Keyrings Pre-Order
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The Lost City Keyrings Pre-Order

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A perfect gift for locals and tourists alike.

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This design pays homage to landmarks on the island of Montserrat before the 1995 eruptions, featuring:

Soufrière Hills Volcano

The Soufrière Hills are an active, complex stratovolcano with many lava domes forming its summit in Montserrat. After a long period of dormancy, the Soufrière Hills volcano became active again in 1995 and has continued to erupt ever since.

Montserrat War Memorial / Clock Tower

The War Memorial in Plymouth was an iconic landmark before the volcanic eruption. Eruptions over the years saw it disappearing under ash and volcanic debris. It is now completely covered.

Rendezvous Beach

Arguably, the only White Sand Beach on the island. There are two options to access this beach - an hour's hike through the Rendezvous Nature Trail, or by boat or kayak around the island from Little Bay.

Old Sugar Mills

By 1730, Montserrat had 78 Sugar Mills. When the sugar factories closed, some mills were converted into dwellings and bars. The Richmond Hill Sugar Mill functioned as a Museum until volcanic activity forced its closure in 1996. Many of these structures are still standing today. They remain symbols of a vanished plantocracy that has left their names behind.

Montserrat Oriole Bird

Also known as the Icterus Oberi, our national bird is a small perching bird that only lives on the island. It's said to be facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the very near future.

Government House, Montserrat

The original house, where the Governor of Montserrat would live, was located in Plymouth and abandoned due to volcanic activity. National and ceremonial functions, receptions and meetings with foreign dignitaries and heads of state were also held here.

Runaway Ghaut

Located on Salem Road in Woodlands, this ghaut is one of only four in Montserrat with a constant flow of rainwater. Local legend claims that people who drink right from it will return to Montserrat if they ever leave the island.

  • Made of PCV Rubber
  • 40mm Wide x 60mm High x 4mm Thick

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